Escape from Fergana

Escape from Fergana. After a three-week journey through two mountain ranges, making first ascents of several peaks in areas previously unvisited by climbers, Katya Ananyeva, Dmitry Martynenko and Dmitry Shapovalov spent a whole day trying to find a route around the surrounding slopes of the Kulun Lake, which separated them from a 4X4 road to civilization. Unable to negotiate the steep shoreline and with flights out of Osh pre-booked for two-and-a-half days hence, they were forced to take drastic measures. Improvising a driftwood raft and pulling it the five kilometers to the far side proved to be the most frightening incident of the entire expedition. Later, locals would inform them that the only way past this obstacle was to ascend ca. 1000 meters to the crest of the range. [Photo] Dmitry Shapovalov

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